Terms And Conditions

Orders: When ordering via our website you are entering into a legally binding contract of purchase and you will be sent an email with written confirmation of receipt of your order. In certain instances, we may contact you via email or phone if there are issues with the order which may include but are not limited to; the goods are no longer available, the payment has declined, there has been a website error in regards to the price of the order. We may also contact you after your order in regards to any external items such as Staingard Insurance or delivery via Rhenus.

 Snugl reserves the right to cancel any order at its discretion before the order is passed to be manufactured. In such instances any payments made will be refunded. Please see cancellations and returns section for cancelled orders after the order has been passed to be manufactured.

Snugl reserves the right to alter any prices and/or promotions at its discretion in line with retail costs, manufacturing costs and correct prices. If there has been a pricing error that is obvious and can be classed as recognisable as a mis-price, Snugl reserves the right to cancel the order. Any changes to promotional offers or changes to retail costs and manufacturing costs will not affect a customers order if the order has already been placed and accepted.

The customer has a 48 hour grace period after placing an order to make any suitable changes or cancellation. Contact must be made to Snugl via the above contact details within this period. If contact is made after 48 hours, please see below cancellations and returns policy.

Order Payments: All outstanding order balances need to be paid for within 30 days of your order(s) arrival into our KC Sofas warehouse. The customer will receive an automated message once their item has arrived at our delivery warehouse, this is the date from when the 30 days will start. In the event of a sudden change of circumstance to the customers state e.g. Loss of job, financial issues etc. It is the customers responsibility to contact KC Sofas Customer Services and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may require proof of circumstance. Any items not paid within 30 days and no acceptable reason given for lack of payment may then be subject to full cancellation of the customers order and a cancellation fee of 20% of the physical order taken from the customers deposit.

Cancellations and Returns Policy: When ordering by website the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 does offer you rights to cancel once a purchase has been made. If you cancel after 48 hours and before delivery you are then entitled to a refund minus 20% of the order as a restocking fee.

If you cancel/reject items on delivery or up to 14 calendar days from the day after delivery, you are then entitled to a refund minus 25% of the order and you would be required to bear the cost of returning the items. This cost would also be applied if the items are rejected because they do not fit into your home due to size and access issues (please see below for full size and access T&Cs). Snugl will charge 15% per physical item cost to collect and this is capped at a maximum of £300 overall. This covers, but is not limited to the collection charges, admin costs and restocking costs. We do not allow the personal delivery back to Snugl by the customer or any 3rd party delivery company that is not arranged by Snugl.

For items to be returned they will need to be placed back into its original packaging. We understand that this packaging may now not be in perfect condition but as long as it is wrapped back up and any exposed areas of the products have been covered with tape for protection we will accept that the product is fit for transportation. If the original packaging is no longer possible, Snugl will not process a return or refund.

Photographic evidence will need to be provided of this to Snugl Customer Services for remote inspection both before re-wrapping and after, as we need to confirm the condition of the item(s) before a collection can be arranged. If evidence cannot be provided, then a return cannot be created and a refund will not be processed.

Once the products have been returned to Snugl they will be unwrapped and inspected. This will be to check for, but not limited to, any hair or fluids and that the product is in perfect cosmetic condition eg. free from scuffs, damage and marks. Once this process has taken place and the product is deemed "as delivered" a refund can be processed. If the product arrives to Snugl with any above damages, this may invalidate your refund. If we deem the return to not be of require quality, and refuse the refund based on the above, it is the customers responsibility to arrange and pay for re-delivery back to their address. Snugl will hold no responsibility over returning an item not fit for refund, or the care/condition of it whilst it is stored at our warehouse and in transit.

You must notify Snugl of your wish to cancel by submit a request by email to our customer care team at  help@snuglsofas.co.uk or call 0330 088 4085. After cancellation and before Snugl collection, you must not use the items or treat them as your own. A deduction of the refund value may be made if upon inspection there has been, but not limited to, evidence of wear & tear, usage, accidental damage, spillages, smells and/or any other defects that would render the item unfit for immediate re-sale. The items must be protected from any damages, and where possible the items should be re-packaged in their original packaging. Upon collection, the delivery team will take any photographic evidence they deem necessary to prove item state. From the day of collection, your refund will be processed within 7-10 working days. During this period, we will inspect the items and any issues that arise will be dealt with by our customer services team.

Website images and sizes: All images on our website are for illustration purposes only. Snugl has made every effort to make these display colours as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colours as we are not able to guarantee a customers device is accurately reflecting these colours. This will depend on the customers screen type and any filters, white balancing screen features that are in place.

Digital Photography: We try to ensure our product imagery used online is as accurate as possible. Due to the nature of digital photography some colours may appear slightly different online (this can also depend on the device in which you using to browse our website).

Size & Access: Remember to check your new furniture will fit in your room and access into the room is possible. Rhenus delivery team have a right to refuse delivery if your new furniture cannot be taken into the property safely. Please have hallways clear from furniture and other items to make your delivery go as smooth as possible. If you at all concerned, check the dimensions, and call us within 48 hours of placing your order online. Size and access are your responsibility. After 48 hours unfortunately we cannot amend your order as it will have already been sent to the manufacturer for production. Our website also contains all accurate sizes for the items sold, though there are manufacturing tolerances of +/- 4cm. Customers have 48 hours in which to accurately measure their item(s) and access for cancelling without any monetary charges being applied.

What happens if my new sofa doesn't fit? Although we understand the difficulties in checking access routes, door sizes and corridors for delivery of oddly shaped sofas and furniture, it is always the customers final responsibility to ensure that your new furniture will fit into your home. All the dimensions will have been presented to the customer in the product listing. If an item doesn't fit in the desired area, Rhenus have the right to return the items back to stock and await further instructions. There are 4 choices overall for the customer to decide: I. The furniture can be left at the customers premises (garage, conservatory etc.) II. The furniture can be re-delivered (re-delivery will be fully chargeable) once access has been confirmed (window removed / door removed etc.) III. The delivery team can take away the furniture and the customer can re-select an item that will fit (any extra cost to be covered by the customer) Snugl will also charge a restocking fee on the returned item(s) – 10%-20% depending on new purchase cost) IV. The delivery team can take away the furniture and the customer can cancel, this will incur a 25% restocking fee. Any cancellations due to a failed delivery will result in deliveries charges not being included in any refunds.

Rhenus Deliveries: Rhenus (our delivery partner) will contact you directly to arrange a suitable date and time slot once they have the items. Should you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 72 hours’ notice, you will be charged a re-delivery fee. This fee would need to be paid before re-delivery is attempted. A re-delivery fee is also required for any items that do not fit on delivery (please see ‘What happens if my new sofa doesn’t fit). Rhenus delivery team will not alter your furniture or packaging to gain full access, such as remove feet or unpackage, it is the customers responsibility to make sure the furniture will fit. They may connect feet after delivery, if requested and at their discretion. Any issues with delivery or pre delivery, the customer would need to discuss this directly with the delivery company Rhenus via their provided contact details (these are provided by Rhenus close to the delivery date).

Failed deliveries: These will incur a re-delivery fee. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that either they or someone approved is available at time of delivery to take responsibility for the delivered items. If you miss your delivery slot appointment, Rhenus will not re-deliver the same day. If you need to change your delivery time slot, you must notify Rhenus immediately and any charges for not updating Rhenus within their timescales and terms is at the responsibility of the customer.  

Item Storage: Once the item(s) have arrived to Rhenus delivery depot, you will then be in contact in the next 7-10 working days to arrange delivery. If the customer is not ready for delivery, your items can be held at a cost that is advised on by Rhenus. This cost will be discussed between the customer and Rhenus, and it is the customers responsibility to pay Rhenus for any of these charges directly. Snugl will bear no responsibility for any storage fees, nor any costs for storage. If the customer then wishes to cancel their order, this would, as per above, incur cancellation fees and stocking fees and will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Late Delivery: All dates and lead times are given in good faith but are subject to change. Compensation cannot be claimed for late or failed deliveries.

Damages: Any damage to items must be reported on delivery to the delivery team. At this point they will notify Snugl Customer Services before leaving the property. Any claims for damages not reported on delivery will not be accepted and remain the customers responsibility.

Any claims for damage made to the property caused by the delivery team must be reported to the delivery team while they are present. Any claims for damages after this point will not be accepted. In the instance of damage to property that has been correctly reported in line with Snugl T&C's we would either require a legitimate quote for the damage to be rectified (Snugl have the right to contact the quote company to check for accuracy) or the correction work to be carried out and a receipt for the work to be sent to Snugl for re-imbursement. This would be decided upon on a case-by-case basis and dependent on potential cost - any alternative methods or requests for re-imbursement will be refused, such as payment to the customer before any quotation or work carried out to rectify the damage.

IMPORTANT: It is the customers responsibility to make sure the path/route the delivery team will need to make to deliver the products into the space must be safe and free of potential hazard. Snugl & Rhenus delivery will not accept liability for any damage to the property that occurred due to a hazard.

All items delivered to your property are unwrapped for inspection. If for any reason the customer declines that the items are unwrapped then any damages, marks or blemishes to the items are now the customers responsibility and claims for such later will not be accepted.

Lead Times: All lead times given are estimated. We will always endeavour to deliver within the time specified. However, under extreme circumstances these times may be extended due to several factors i.e., Extremely busy periods, raw material availability, shipping issues etc.

Order Updates: Due to our agreement with our suppliers we are unable to provide precise order updates from the point of ordering until we receive your order into our distribution warehouse. Please allow an estimated 7-14 days from arrival of your order to be contacted for delivery. Once scheduling is complete, a member of the Rhenus delivery team will contact you and arrange with you a date and time slot.

Guarantee: All our stylish sofas come with a 12-month frame and spring guarantee. Cushions and coverings are covered for manufacturing defects within 12 months of delivery. General maintenance of all upholstered products is your responsibility from the day of delivery. Please refer to care instructions for further information. If you have opted for the Staingard 5-year cover, your policy documents will be emailed by Staingard approximately 7 - 10 days after delivery.

Discovering An Issue: If you have any questions, queries, or issues with the product you can contact our customer services team on help@snuglsofas.co.uk or call 0330 088 4085. For products with a documented fault and within 30 days of delivery, you are entitled to reject the products and have a full refund, though we will work with you regarding other options such as a repair or replacement. For issues discovered after 30 days but before 6 months, we have the opportunity to repair or replace. If this fails then you are entitled to a full refund, or a percentage of the money back to keep as is. For issues after 6 months but before end of manufacturer warranty period (this depends on the manufacturer and type of issue), there is some responsibility on you to prove that the products were faulty from the delivery date. We will work with you to investigate this issue and to resolve with a repair or replace (if repair fails). Regarding all issues reported, during the investigation process, the use of 3rd party technicians may be required, on a case-by-case basis we may request a payment of £80 to cover the technician callout charges. This payment would then be refunded should a manufacturing fault be confirmed by the technician. For claims deemed as accidental damage or no manufacturing fault found, the £80 would be held to cover the cost of the visit and you would be required to pay any extra costs, should you wish to have works completed to fix the issue.

Removing Old Furniture: Snugl will not be held responsible if you remove your old furniture before a confirmed delivery date and time slot has been issued to you by the delivery team. Removal of your old furniture prior to this is done at your own choice and risk. Rhenus delivery will not remove old furniture.

Dimensions & Colour: Whilst every effort is made to ensure the consistency of colour and fabric slight variations can occur. This can be on both fabric and leather items. However, we try to be as accurate as possible, all dimensions are approximate and have been provided to us by the manufacturer. Each sofa is hand made to order and sometimes a small size discrepancy may happen. Please allow a tolerance of +/- 4cm.

Shade Variation: If you are contemplating ordering an extra item (i.e., armchair, footstool etc.) We would highly recommend you do so with your original order. Due to the manufacturing process and characteristics of leather/fabric we cannot guarantee a 100% match for leather/fabric if these items are ordered later, and we will not be held responsible.

Remaining Balance: All goods will remain the property of KC Sofas Limited until they have been paid for in full. Any remaining balance must be paid prior to delivery. We do not accept any method of payment on delivery. All orders must be paid for within 28 days of arrival into our warehouse at which point your order will be stored free of charge for an agreed reasonable amount of time. If for any reason the goods cannot be paid for within the time frame stated, then storage fees may apply. Card payments (verified by chip and pin) can only be made in store must be cleared before delivery. All BACS payments must be cleared before a delivery can take place.

Refunds: All refunds, regardless of amount, will take 7-10 working days to process once Snugl have confirmed with the customer all the relevant details. Any refunds due to customer wishing to cancel item(s) due to issues are subject to furniture inspections to make sure no further issues / damages are to the items other than reported. Any additional issues found upon collection will be taken into consideration and would affect your right to a full refund. Partial refund may occur with a loss % to be decided upon by Snugl on a case by case basis. Please see cancellations and refunds for a full description.

Staingard: Should you have taken advantage of one of our furniture care plans and need to make a claim, please inform Staingard no more than 7 days after discovering the damage, staining or structural defect by contacting them in one of the following ways: • Notify them online at www.myfurnitureinsurance.co.uk • Calling them 01384 473017 On all correspondence, please quote your unique policy number from your certificate of insurance. This will help them to validate your policy details and deal with your claim as quickly as possible. Your certificate is usually emailed to you 7-14 days after delivery directly from Staingard.

Finance: At Snugl finance is provided by our chosen retail finance partners. Should you have any questions or need to talk about your existing finance agreement please contact them directly using the details that will be provided.

Complaints: Please contact our dedicated customer services team on help@snuglsofas.co.uk or call 0330 088 4085. Please include your order number, full name, and full address in correspondence.

If you do not understand any of these terms and conditions and wish to talk to us about it, please contact us by:

EMAIL: help@snuglsofas.co.uk emails will usually be responded to within 1-2 working days, Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 3.30pm; or

TELEPHONE: 0330 088 4085 (Monday – Friday 9.30am to 3.30pm)